You will recognize the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every pool that All Island builds from the very first glance. Each moment spent in these backyards reveals the beauty within their intricate designs. All Island has been designing and building custom gunite swimming pools and spas in both Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the five boroughs of New York City for over 40 years and has been the proud recipient of over 100 national and international awards. From the residential lap pool to the largest commercial and institutional swimming pool, no job is too big or too small.

We are one of the few local companies to have the capacity to complete 90% of all projects with our own equipment and staff. This enables us to deliver our jobs on time with the highest quality and workmanship.

  • Over 100 International Awards
  • Over 2000 projects successfully completed from concept to completion
  • Over 40 years in business

gun·ite – /ˈɡənīt/

a mixture of cement, sand, and water applied through a pressure hose, producing a dense hard layer of concrete used in building for lining tunnels and structural repairs.  aka – “Shotcrete” concrete shot from a nozzle, malleable to create custom shapes and features.

A Gallery of Our Long Island Gunite Pool Projects


For a simple yet elegant style that won’t beset a property’s natural allure, one can’t go wrong with this classic design. With clean, smooth edges, these pools harmonize flawlessly with their surroundings and can also be utilitarian in their use. Able to accommodate both the lap swimmer and the relaxed swimmer. For the best of both worlds.


For more modern homes, Geometric pools offer the perfect accompaniment of carefully composed shapes that are sure to catch the eye. While their charm lies primarily in their complexity, rather than overpowering a space, they are sure to act as the perfect counterpart for any contemporary dwelling.


For a more familiar feel that blends effortlessly with the natural growth of your home’s surroundings, a natural pool is a pool for you. Natural pools mimic the spontaneous ebb and flow of your unique environment.

Vanishing Edge

Water without boundary. Vanishing edge pools create a mirrorlike illusion checked only by the occasional ripples carried on a listless breeze. With troughs surrounding it, water overflows from all sides, giving a sophisticated and serene impression.

Variable Depth

Whether you aim to get your feet wet or dive straight in, variable depth pools provide the ultimate inclusive experience. With an adjustable floor panel and a tank beneath to catch the water, you can alter the pool’s depth with just the tap of a finger. Easy to maintain and perfect for families with small children or less able swimmers.


Indoor swimming destinations allow you to get the most out of your pool’s use. Whether completely enclosed or screened off, enjoy year-round access, temperature control, and lower maintenance compared to traditional outdoor pools.

Automatic Pool Covers

Composed of heavy vinyl that works to minimize evaporation, automatic covers not only prevent seepage of pool chemicals from coming in contact with your environment. But can even act as a solar cover, helping raise the water temperature by up to 10 to 15 degrees.


If you can imagine it, we can make it! Let us put our 40 years of gunite pools experience to work for you!

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