All Island Pool Renovations

Swimming Pool Resurfacing, Renovation and Restoration.

All Island offers complete swimming pool renovations including:

New Equipment

 Approved Anti-Entrapment Main Drain Replacement (VGB Compliant)

New Tile

Repairs to existing Concrete or Gunite Shells

New Marble Dust, Plaster and Marcite Finishes

Upgrades are available to finishes including Thermal Polymeric Finishes,Pebble Finishes, and Polished Quartz Finishes

Many of our customers request new tile, coping, deck and patio resurfacing, plumbing, water features and marble dusting. You may need structural crack repair. 

Older pool interiors eventually need resurfacing due to the corrosive nature of pool water chemistry.

We specialize in ResoCoat Pool Finishes, a Thermal Polymeric Coating that includes a 10 year warranty.

All Island Group is the worldwide distributor for Resodyn Engineered Polymeric Pool Finish.

A lifetime warranty is available as an upgrade to this remarkable pool finish

                          Before                                                                            After

Island Blue 1

Island Blue

Tahiti White 1

Tahiti White

Granite Grey

Granite Grey


Lifetime Woodland Grey1
Lifetime Woodland Grey 2

  Lifetime Woodland Grey Polymeric Pool Finish



polymeric finish application

Lifetime Island Blue Polymeric Pool Finish

Lifetime Island Blue Polymeric Pool Finish

Final Application Polymeric Pool Finish

Final Application Lifetime Polymeric Pool Finish


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Marble dust interior pool finishes have been around for decades. Over the years, problems with marble dust have started to increase more and more. Common marble dust issues include cracking, various staining, and an extremely complicated start up procedure. Our new thermal polymeric pool finish is the newest and most advanced product to hit the pool industry.

Polymer coating is a strong, low maintenance, durable finish, developed to last for many years to come.

Thermal Polymer Benefits

Color Consistency: Color consistency in standard marble dust pool finishes have been a problem for many years. Each thermal polymeric color is applied with the same consistency throughout the entire swimming pool, keeping color variations to a minimum. As the years progress, the thermal polymeric finish will not deteriorate or appear stained or faded.

Pool Start Up: Thermal polymeric pool finish is an extremely durable surface that does not need any chemical treatment to help cure the finish, making it safe to swim as soon as the pool has been filled.

No Curing Process: Curing time for traditional marble dust is approximately twenty eight days after the swimming pool has been filled. In order to avoid “cooking” the marble dust and creating blotchy stains, the body of water should not be heated above 78 degrees. A new thermal polymeric finish allows the pool water to be heated immediately.

Colors: Most colored marble dust finishes cost twice as much to have installed. Each thermal polymeric color is offered at the same price.

Water Filling: A new marble dust finish will start cracking if the swimming pool is not filled with water immediately. Most homeowners bring in over 20,000 gallons of water to fill the pool and protect the new marble dust finish. Our thermal polymeric finish cures in seconds, and will eliminate the expense of large water deliveries. Durability: Thermal polymeric pool finish is crack and stain resistant

Warranty: Our 10 year warranty is among the best pool surface warranties in our industry. Please inquire about our lifetime warranty. 

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